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7 Ways to “Nashville-Up” Your Rehab

Aerial Development Group has teamed up with Aerial By Design to help you keep up with the latest design trends in real estate. Although these designs reflect Nashville style, you can apply them to any home to add some edge.

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How to Fit Impact in Your Daily Operations

Nashville is a growing city filling with newcomers who are excited to experience their new home and move in along Nashville natives. It is important during this time of growth that old and new “Nashvillians” integrate harmoniously, develop a respect for the existing culture, and welcome the new influences that move in every day…

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Dream Home To-Go

Choosing your dream home is incredibly easy and fun with Aerial’s new virtual plan library. If you own property or are looking for something you just can’t find on the market, go check out our home plans here…

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Build Your Own Aerial Home

The “Aerial home” design has dominated the Nashville real estate development industry. Lucky for you, Aerial has decided to share their timeless designs, intentional floor plans, and Nashville-specific features with you!

Buy your Aerial plan from Aerial by Design and pick from multiple Aerial home floor plans!

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6 Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Nashville winters might not be the worst, but to you and your electricity bill they are. As an intentional development company, we encourage you to save as much energy as possible, so we’re here to give you some tips to save you money while catering to the earth!

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