Aerial Development Group Blog | 7 Ways to Nashville-Up Your Rehab
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7 Ways to Nashville-Up Your Rehab

7 Ways to Nashville-Up Your Rehab

Attention all Nashville rehabbers!

Aerial Development Group has teamed up with Aerial By Design to help you keep up with the latest design trends in real estate. Although these designs reflect Nashville style, you can apply them to any home to add some edge.

#1: Barn Wood

One of the hottest trends in design is using barn wood on the interior and exterior of your home. Barn wood can be used to add style to your home’s interior by replacing a boring bedroom headboard with a stylish barn wood headboard, or it can be used as wall art. On the exterior, cover your old plant holders with barn wood to accent your front porch. Then, skip the vinyl window shutters! Barn wood shutters will give your rehab that Nashville curb appeal.


#2: Cantina Lighting

Nashville is filled with lots of non-natives, millennials, and social beings. A common feature people look for during their home search is a place to have community. Cantina lighting can help a rehabber create a separate, designated hang out space. Tip: Try putting your lights around a seating area in the backyard. Lowe’s has some great options.  

*Useful if you have a small back yard.


#3: Fire Pits

Like I said, Nashvillians are always craving community. With the slight weather change in seasons, Nashville is the perfect place to have bonfires all year long. With the millennial population increasing by the minute, you as a rehabber must appeal to your buyer by giving them opportunity to experience community in their own space. Tip: You can either make your own fire pit built into the ground, or invest in a simple steel fire pit (as shown in the picture). Click here for some great deals on fire pits.


#4: Painted Brick

Nashville is known for its music, but also for its artistic vibe and painted murals. Next time you drive around any part of Nashville, you’ll spot dozens of  painted brick buildings. If you have brick that looks cheap or is an outdated shade, paint it!  

For example: If you’re ever in Nashville, drive through Crieve Hall to get a feel for how ranch style homes have been modernized through simply painting the brick.

Tip: Dark gray, white, and black are the trending colors for painted brick.



#5: Neutral Colors

Nashville’s color style is very earthy. Stick to natural/neutral colors when picking paint for your rehab. Plus, they pair well with barn wood, brick, and other rustic elements trending in Nashville.

Tip: When you pick the colors for your interior, paint your entire house that one color. All white, all gray, all beige, you decide. This tactic can help make your rehab look more spacious on the interior, while leaving an empty canvas for artists to display their talent. 


#6: Pallets

Old pallets are the most trendy money saver you can use to Nashville-up your rehab. The new style is making your bed out of a stack of pallets, your coffee table, wall art, side table, the list goes on and on! Here’s some awesome Pinterest ideas on uses for pallet wood >




#7: Add a Chandelier, or Two, or Three

Southern charm in Nashville calls for designers to mix glamour with casual. Add a chandelier to the bedroom, dining room, or bathroom to appeal to the trend.  Southeastern Salvage in Nashville has some great finds, as well as the Ferguson, and Lowe’s is always a solid backup plan.