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How to Navigate the Housing Market

It's that time in your life to start house shopping. Casual, right? No. Houses are expensive. Like a 30 year mortgage expensive. When it's time to take that step in life, the housing market can be hard to navigate. It's like your brain is saying,...

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Why Live in Nashville?

Most people think music, specifically country music, when they hear Nashville. While there is a lot of music being written, sung, and listened to, there’s more to Nashville than most know. A few big industries in Nashville include healthcare information, real estate, startup companies, planning events...

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Top 5 Trending Applications of Metal in Real Estate

Sustainability is one of the most difficult issues that the commercial real estate sector is facing today. Building owners, general contractors, architects, and designers are opting to use metal in construction processes due to its durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Apart from setting new...

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