Aerial Development Group Blog | 5 holiday decorating must-haves
Make a fresh statement with your holiday decorating this year. Here's 5 ways you can say Merry Christmas in a new and exciting way...
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5 Not-So-Traditional Holiday Decorating Must-Have’s:

5 Not-So-Traditional Holiday Decorating Must-Have’s:

End 2016 with a bang • Re-invigorate the nostalgic spirit with these simple, fun and festive ways to redefine up your decorating traditions.

1. A New Spin on Things | There’s no getting around wrapping presents… this year add some new flair to a must-have item by using patterns and inspired styles of wrapping paper. We’ve found some great marbled patterns on Anthropologie & Etsy for less than $15. Or, if you’re braver than we are, you should try making some yourself.


2. Spruce up Your Surroundings with Evergreens | Lowe’s has a wide variety of Evergreens. Bonus! Here’s an awesome guide on how to pick, plant and take care of Evergreens throughout the colder months. And just in case, here’s a little bit more Evergreen planter inspiration. If you’re looking for something a little less fresh-cut but still just as fabulous, snag one of these faux sage bushes.



Also…. we can’t even with how breathtaking these Terrain holiday bouquets and bunches are.


terrain4terrain3 terrain2 terrain1



Build your dream home >>


3. Fill your house with LIVE holiday scents | We love the fresh, clean scent of Eucalyptus. Trader Joe’s (Green Hills, Nashville) is currently selling Eucalyptus for only several dollars. Find one near you here. Besides sticking a few strands in old liquor and wine bottles, our favorite use of them is as table runner decor shown here.



4. Not-Your-Average Wreath | This Magnolia Market pinecone wreath is almost $20 off – Happy Christmas to us! This fun alternative twig wreath is also on sale. White is my favorite color, and this white eucalyptus wreath doesn’t let down. It’s also on sale right now at World Market!


5. Be Bold with the Traditional | Get your DIY thinking-cap on as you scroll through these 40 creative Christmas tree ideas – we have to share them all with you!