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How to Fit Impact in Your Daily Operations

How to Fit Impact in Your Daily Operations

Nashville is a growing city filling with newcomers who are excited to experience their new home and move in along Nashville natives. The Aerial team brings community everywhere we build, and we understand how important it is that the old and new “Nashvillians” integrate harmoniously. We care about bringing newcomers together with the natives, so that the newcomers can develop a respect for the existing culture, and welcome the new influences that move in every day. One of Aerial’s favorite ways to welcome a new homeowner or AerialBnB guest to the area is to provide them with home products that are impactful and locally-made:

  • One Hope Wine (supports 10 different nonprofits)
  • Thistle Farm soaps and lotions (supports victims of domestic violence)
  • Well House Coffee (builds wells in 3rd-world countries)
  • Post-cards painted by an artist who donates 30% of her profits to ending child abuse

Each product supports a different cause. By supporting both local and global initiatives, we give our new homeowner a reason to be proud to live in their neighborhood, and give them the opportunity to make a difference in their daily operations–even if that means washing their hands with Thistle Farm soap or drinking Well House coffee. 

One of our favorite products we provide for our homeowner and AerialBnB guests is Thistle Farm’s soaps and lotions. Thistle Farm is a company restores hope for women who have suffered from domestic violence, and helps those victims create a new, sustainable future.

The Aerial team is taking responsibility as an company rooted in excellence and impact to make a difference both locally and globally. Although Aerial believes it is important to keep the big picture in mind, we are also intentional with our every day operations. Thus, Aerial knows that by making the small, yet intentional choice to support these products, we are making a lasting impact. 


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness MonthWe are dedicated to supporting our local community in Nashville and making an impact by supporting local initiatives. We encourage you to participate in acknowledging those who have suffered, and to support those who are dedicating their lives and businesses to making the world a better place.


Here are some local outreaches that you can join to help fight against domestic violence: