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The Devastation Behind Irma

The Devastation Behind Irma

Irma. A name no one will forget.

Hurricane Irma made her appearance as a tropical storm on August 30, according to the first forecast provided by the National Hurricane Center. She escalated from there, hit several islands in the Atlantic, and several states in the U.S. While hurricanes can only reach Category 5, most would argue Irma could be classified as Category 7, if that were a thing.

The damage is still being assessed, but so many people are left with nothing. People have been displaced while their property was damaged or even destroyed. “In its wake, Irma left at least 23 dead in the mainland United States and more than 30 dead in the Caribbean. And, while it’s unlikely to rival the damage seen in flood-prone Houston, pockets from Jacksonville, Florida, to Charleston, South Carolina, experienced historic deluges. Waterborne illness may also start floating there, too.” –

Reporters have said that Houston is much worse than Irma in regards to the United States. Irma mainly hit the Caribbean and lost some steam on her way to Florida. One hurricane is devastating, but first came Harvey, Irma, and now Jose. Harvey and Irma are the only two hurricanes to ever hit the Atlantic in the same year – let alone the same two weeks. Between the two hurricanes, it’s a very heartbreaking tragedy in so many places.

While our hearts go out to everyone, we’ve focused in on helping the British Virgin Islands. As some know, Britnie Keane has frequented Necker Island and spent a lot of time with Richard Branson – founder of Virgin Group. She has gathered up a few team members and they made their way to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Wednesday, and found a flight into the BVI on Thursday. While in San Juan, they collaborated with the Necker Island staff to brainstorm ideas for relief and rebuilding the BVI.

One main concern is the civil unrest because people are just trying to survive at this point. They’ve lost power and shelter, infrastructure has been destroyed, no running water, and much more. The BVI is desperate for help. They’ll be assessing the situation this next week and providing food, water, and other resources to the people in the BVI. The team will come back after understanding the full situation and will then later return with more supplies, and, hopefully, more help. This is where you can get involved!

We’ve created a website you can visit if you’d like to see how you can become involved. We’ll need resources, donations, equipment, time, etc. Visit All of the proceeds will go to help the British Virgin Islands. Check out the video below to hear Britnie Keane speak about this tragedy and how you can #JoinTheForceForGood.

We appreciate your kindness, prayers, and generosity. Follow our social media for updates and our YouTube for a vlog.