Aerial Development Group Blog | Why Google Fiber Wants to Work with Aerial
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Why Google Fiber Wants to Work with Aerial

Why Google Fiber Wants to Work with Aerial

Tennessee is ranked #9 in the country for highest rate of obesity. In response to this trend, the Aerial team, including myself, believes that as an intentional development company, we have a responsibility to address these issues. We have coordinated with the design team to create a solution, and bring positive change to this issue by establishing Nashville’s first Health & Wellness community in East Nashville called “East Greenway Park.”

The mission for East Greenway Park is to improve the wellbeing of its residents, and inspire them to live a healthy, active lifestyle. The community will have access to the Shelby Bottoms greenway, with outdoor fitness areas along the path. Also, among many other health and fitness related amenities, a free bike and bike rack will be given to every homeowner to encourage physical activity.

Besides amenities, the homes in East Greenway Park have been intentionally designed to improve the homeowner’s overall health. Aerial Development Group has designed almost every home in East Greenway Park three stories tall to promote the overall well-being of the resident. Studies show that people who average at least eight flights a day enjoy a 33% lower mortality rate than those who are sedentary, and seven minutes of stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years. 

East Greenway Park’s intention is to encouegp-yogarage a healthy lifestyle, as it connects people with nature through access to the greenway, connecting people to health with walking paths, and connecting communities by building sidewalks that lead to Shelby Park. Not only will East Greenway Park connect people to each other and to nature, but also with the rest of the world through partnering with Google Fiber, who will connect our residents globally with the fastest internet

The innovative concept of East Greenway Park and the lifestyle it will inspire people to live attracted Google Fiber, who chose to partner with Aerial Development Group and supply residents its modern technology. Google Fiber is only in select cities, and Nashville is the first. In Nashville, Google Fiber is only available in specific high-rise condos in the gulch. Now, Google Fiber is in our new Health and Wellness community. East Greenway Park is officially the first and only housing development in Nashville to offer Google Fiber.

This concept has sparked the interest of the community, because not only will the residents of East Greenway Park be involved with the neighborhood, but also members of the outside community.

Through East Greenway Park and Health and Wellness communities, Aerial hopes to inspire not only its residents, but also the surrounding neighborhoods and the city of Nashville to make intentional decisions about their health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in taking action for a healthier lifestyle: